Japan Day 5: Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2013

Ventured out to Saitama Super Arena for the Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Show. Thought the show would run about 2 hours, but it turned out to be 8… Actual fashion show content was probably around 2 hours, and the rest were sponsor stages, ads, and lots of talking. Sponsors had booths set up around the arena where they had photobooths and free samples. W and I almost got interviewed by a reporter but when he realized we couldn’t speak much Japanese, he backed away… : ( At least that means we looked oshare.

Not too familiar with local Japanese brands, but saw collections from a few I know like moussy, CECIL McBEE, and jouetie. Live performances by HKT48, Nishino Kana, Shota Shimizu, and others. Recognized a few models like Anna Tsuchiya, Yamada Yu, and Lena Fujii, Lola, Sara Marie, Elli Rose, and Reina Triendl from Vivi. Really excited I got to see Reina up close, as she’s my favourite from Vivi : )

Also, special guests that were exciting included Yamamoto Yusuke (ghost boy from Hana Kimi), Haruna Ai (famous tranny), Masuwaka Tsubasa (creator of the Dolly Wink makeup line), and a finale performance by Akanishi Jin (formerly of KAT-TUN)!


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