Japan Day 2: Kyoto

Before leaving Osaka, we had brunch at the Kuromon Ichiba, a local fish and produce market. Many of the vendors sold sashimi or sushi bentos that were cheap, but very fresh. We also came across tempura, yakitori, croquette, and mochi vendors. The local market was a nice contrast from the tourist trap areas that we visited previously.

Reached Kyoto in 15 minutes by shinkansen, checked our luggage at the storage counter, and took a local city bus to Higashiyama-dori, the street full of souvenir shops that leads up to Kiyomizu-dera. Interesting to see how nothing had changed since my last visit four years ago. Even the two shops where my mom and I ate soft ice cream looked the same.

We visited Jishu-jinja, the Shinto shrine for love and matchmaking that is adjacent to Kiyomizu-dera, which is a Buddhist temple. Too bad it was too crowded to try and walk between the love stones. Pretty interesting how the Japanese believe in two religions, although it seems to be more like a superstition thing than worshipping gods.

W and I drank from the Otowa-no-taki, the waterfall with three streams representing health, longevity, and success in studies. Also drank from this waterfall last time, so hopefully I picked a different stream this time. Supposedly, it is considered greedy to drink from all three streams at once.

Unfortunately, the facade of the main temple building was under renovation, but the stage was still open. Luckily, I still have tons of photos from my previous visit. I would have enjoyed walking around the beautiful temple grounds, but my feet were being tortured by my sandals. Super unfortunate because I really love scenic walks! : (


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