Japan Day 1: Osaka

Up bright and early for our flight to Tokyo. Really sad to say goodbye to A who couldn’t join us for the Japan leg of our trip. Also, unfortunately lost a bet to him right before my flight >: (

JAL was amazing – gave us a sandwich box and drinks even though it’s a 2 hr flight AND could play Street Fighter 2 on their entertainment system. Too entertained to nap…

Caught the shinkansen to Osaka and ate a train bento for lunch. My bento included a little slip of paper that described where in Japan each ingredient was sourced. Reached Osaka Teikoku Hotel and mayhem ensued. O lost his wallet in the cab and we had a bit of a panic trying to figure out which taxi company we had taken. The front desk staff were very helpful and the cab driver found the wallet and came back to return it within an hour, with nothing missing. A miracle! A bit later after shopping, I realized I had left my camera in a changeroom at Monki. Panicked a bit, but called them and they kept my camera safe until I could pick it up the next morning. Double miracle!

Of course had to eat regional food – takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The  area around the Dotonbori river is famously lit up at night by neon signage on surrounding buildings, making some of the trademark signs into tourist attractions, like the Glico man. I was also pleasantly surprised to look up into the giant face of Ninomiya Kazunari (my favourite from Arashi) on an ad.

After dinner, we shopped along Shinsaibashi street, famous for shopping. The fashion here is very different from in Korea, and trendy people walk around in fully coordinated outfits, heels, and heavy makeup. Had some fun laughing at guys we think are hosts – basically male escorts – and their flashy and cheesy style. There were SO many hosts and karaoke girls along the streets looking for business. Store attendants are very loud and yell “Irashaimase~” in a very nasally tone at everyone. Cringefully annoying.

Bonus for the nerds like me:

Attack on Iceflake?
Capitalizing on hot trends – Attack on Iceflake?

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