Seoul Day 4: Trick Eye Museum, Garosugil & Han River

Back to Hongdae to look around for some brunch, but found Song Baekkyung’s Abiko Curry restaurant so immediately dropped all savoury crepe cravings and ate lunch there. SBK was W’s favourite in 1TYM : ) Found the Trick Eye Museum and the newly opened Ice Museum, and had tons of fun taking photos and sliding down the refreshing ice slide.

The heat was unbearable, so we ventured to Teddy Park’s Twosome Studio & Cafe. Teddy being my favourite from 1TYM : ) Ordered Teddy’s special punch – the Peach Tree – but didn’t realize there was alcohol in it, though I had my suspicions at first… We’ll just pretend 1TYMleader bought me a drink on my birthday ; )

Unsettled by the quickly consumed cocktail, my stomach churned in the heat, so we found a nearby cat cafe to sit down. My strange reactions to alcohol caused me to fall asleep in a chair with a cat napping next to me. How embarrassing… I hope the others didn’t mind playing with the kitties while I took a nap. Sorry!

Refreshed and feeling much better, we met up with my friend C again at Garosu-gil in Gangnam – a trendy and fashionable street that’s a little more upscale than Hongdae. Shopped for some handmade jewellery by friendly fashion school students. Cute how they associate Canada with Justin Bieber and Drake.

Walked down to Hangang Park beside the Han River and enjoyed the night skyline of Seoul. C helped us order fried chicken and beer and had it delivered to us at the park. Sat on the free promotional Hyuna mat provided with our meal, and even had cake with candles representing my Korean age. Large candles to represent the first digit, and small candles to represent the second. Genius! Koreans know how to live a good life. An amazing and memorable birthday meal : )

Han River at night
Han River at night

As I’m writing this, I have the funny little jingle that plays before subway announcements stuck in my head. Most adorable thing ever… we love to dance to it like fools on the subway. One day will make a dubstep remix and use it as my ringtone.


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