Art Gallery of Ontario

Before my roommate and SF travel buddy, J, moved back to the motherland forever, I took her to one of the few places she wanted to visit before leaving Canada – the AGO. We took advantage of the free admission to the permanent collection on Wednesday nights after 6pm.

I hadn’t been back here for years and it was refreshing to see the changes and renovations that have been made since. There’s a sort of stillness or tranquility within art galleries that I really enjoy. What’s more, J majored in art history, so she pointed out small nuances and explained concepts to me that I never would have caught on my own.

I had quite a laugh at the adorable whalebone sculptures by Karoo Ashevak, which were hilarious and almost comical. I was also surprised to recognize an installation featuring 40 speakers arranged in a circle that each play a recording of a single voice singing their unique part to a choral composition. When you stand next to a speaker, you hear only this individual’s part, but when you stand further within the circle, you can hear the composition as a whole. I remember seeing this installation almost a decade ago at the National Gallery in Ottawa.

I still don’t really understand what the Renaissance is, but I liked looking at colours, textures, depth, and even trying to decipher the emotions from the art pieces.


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