San Francisco: Day 6

After making a quick stop to the post office to mail our postcards, we crossed our fingers and walked to Swan Oyster Depot hoping the line up wasn’t long. This place only has bar seating, so customers have to wait outside the door until spots open up. We enjoyed a refreshing platter of oysters with their house sauces, shrimp cocktail, and a crab salad.

The rest of our day was spent shopping at Westfield and around Union Square.

Finally, we ventured back down to Fisherman’s Wharf for burgers at In-N-Out – another West Coast must-visit. Of course, we had to order off of their not-s0-secret menu – animal style! These burgers have grilled onion, pickles, extra spread (which is similar to Thousand Island dressing), and mustard fried onto the beef patty. We also shared animal style fries which have  melted cheese, spread, and grilled onions. So yummers….


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