VICE Podcast: Eddie Huang on Fresh Off the Boat and More

After hearing about this Eddie Huang character from various friends, I finally found the time to look into his web-series on Vice, his blog, and other talks that he’s given. Eddie Huang is a Taiwanese-American chef/writer/web personality/hustler who opened Baohaus in NYC, hosts “Fresh Off the Boat” on Vice, and recently released his own memoir about his experience growing up as an Asian-American in the States. I’ve yet to buy the book, but I do plan on reading it sometime this summer.

I have mad respect for this guy.

Maybe it’s because I know he had the capacity to go to law school, pass the bar, and get a job at a law firm, but then made the choice to pursue something that he was passionate about. Maybe it’s because I find myself relating to his views and experience as a second generation Asian in a North-American environment. But most of all, I admire his ability to use food as a vehicle to experience the world around us and draw cultural implications from an often-overlooked-but-vital part of the life.


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