San Francisco: Day 3

The Ferry Building Farmers’ Market was one of the top items on our must-visit list and definitely did not disappoint. Although there are a multitude of great permanent vendors inside the Ferry Building, 3 days a week, even more local food and produce vendors sell their fare around the building. It really is a foodie’s dream. One thing I’ve noticed about SF is that people are very willing to line up for great food. You just know there must be a ton of popular restaurants or bakeries in the city because there are lineups in front of every other shop! The market was pretty crowded since we went on a Saturday, but we managed to get in line for some food from Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke sandwiches, and Namu Korean Fusion. After lunch, we went to the Mission District where we found an alley with some great street art. This area has a ton of boutiques selling great clothes, jewelry, and home furnishings. Needing a break from all the shopping, we lined up outside the popular Tartine Bakery for some pastries. We enjoyed our snack on a grassy hill in Dolores Park, where tons of people go to just hang out. Hipsters, bums, families, teens – there was such a huge mass of people at the park, I thought there was some kind of event going on, but no, they’re all just there to hang out and chill. Being an East Coast girl, this is a concept I still can’t quite wrap my head around.

Had to include this in here. Too good.

For dinner, we met up with some of O’s friends at Toyose, a very popular local Korean restaurant. We left the ordering up to O’s friend, and the food was delicious and very fulfilling. Every visit to the States is incomplete without a visit to Target, so we insisted on going even though it was 10pm.  Went a little crazy, and picked up a ton of makeup, a few items from the Prabal Gurung collection, shoes, and just one belt (even though I wanted so much more) from the glorious belt rack. On a side note, I recently visited the new Canadian Target in London and was extremely disappointed. The product selection is severely lacking, and the store was missing everything that excited me about the American Target. Anyway, we went home with our bellies full, wallets considerably lighter, and arms heavy with shopping.


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