San Francisco: Day 1

San Francisco: Day 1

After almost 12 hours of journeying, J and I were pretty pooped throughout the day. Despite this, the beautiful weather lifted our spirits and we were able to enjoy our afternoon at Facebook HQ. It’s no wonder so many people fight for jobs in the Valley when you see the amazing work environment these companies provide for their employees. Amazing art on all the walls, food and drinks around every corner, places to rest or think, and activities for breaks and team bonding. My inner nerd got a little carried away when I found the meeting rooms for the finance department – they were all named after accounting terms. I’m glad I was able to catch up with K before he went on his trip and find out about his new life as a Californian. (lol) After we got settled in at my cousin O’s new condo, she took us out for dinner in Oakland. It was my first time trying Ethiopian food, so I was a little alarmed by the bread that jiggled, but it ended up being delicious. We finished up all the sambusas and the entire platter of food. Loved walking past the art show taking place in a tattoo shop – classic Oakland.


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