Discover Tea with Cha

I absolutely love tea. I grew up having dim sum every weekend and consuming litres upon litres of pu-erh black tea, and dragonwell and Iron Goddess green teas. Now, I consider a steaming cup of English Breakfast with milk and sugar to be the best late-night study buddy a girl could have.

So when an old friend of mine invited me to the launch of his tea subscription startup, I was ecstatic! Similar to the beauty subscriptions like Glossybox and Luxebox by Loose Button, Cha is a monthly tea subscription for those who love to discover teas.



The starter kit for new subscribers is beautifully packaged. 


We each got matched up to a tea that would suit our personality, as determined by Cha’s interactive survey.

I think it’s amazing how much the Cha team has accomplished. It’s clear that everyone has a great passion for tea and the hard work they’ve put into starting this business really shows. It was nice to have a chance to spend some time with close friends and meet some new ones. J, J and I had a great time sampling the different tea desserts and cocktails. Thanks for inviting us, Matt!


Always lots of laughs whenever we’re together.

Find out more about Cha at their website.


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